Jul 8, 2010

It's not a story, it's just about what's happen long time ago.

I was impressed about few shoots, few frames, few scenes, few photographies, and then I said "What's the problem if I'll try to do something like that" All right, that was my first step, I bought a small and cheap photo camera and I went outside to hunt anything that impressed me. I'm not sure if that was or it's impressive for you but they were my first steps in photography.

The main idea in photography is to shoot what's more interesting for you. If you find something special, take few shoots and keep walking. Step by step you can learn more things about your camera and trying to do anything that's different than you see before. On internet or anywhere else you will find something attractive in photography. Don't try to do something that you have seen before and make it public because some of critics can say that you have not originality and you don't have what we call creativity. And, yes, it's very important to do everything that is different than something that everybody knows in photography. Try to use different light angles in different scenes and don't forget about the background, it's very important. The lights can tell you more about the time and the background about the location. You can make something very special if you use simple lights and simple backgrounds but it's not quite easy to do that because you can be impressed by that shoot and anybody else can say about that photo something like "Yes, it's nice, but it's too simple. Try to use more lights and put something in the background, you can make a full story."

Using day by day different backgrounds and lights one day you will see the difference between a simple and banal photo and a very impressive shoot.

With photo effects like vignetting, scratches, lights or different colors added later by using software's like Adobe Photoshop you can change a lot of things about that photo. The main idea it's to be sure from the start what's going to be the final idea about that photo. It's very easy to start from a photography and finish with a photo manipulation which is a different side of art. When you finish with your photo editing take a look at that photo and ask yourself if it's possible to take a shoot like that using only a photo camera and without any photo editing. For example the vignetting or scratches effects came by themselves in old cameras. Dirty and old lenses, low quality of roll films or poor light source may be the main sources of old-looking photos. Now when the technology it's very high and all new cameras are using high quality lenses with new photo sensors for high quality results it's very hard to create a photo with a old-looking aspect. For that reason I preferred to use software's like Adobe Photoshop for later editing. Or another way to get all that effects very easy it's to buy an old photo camera.

It's very important the final result of your work, even if you work a lot in editing by adding a lot of effects and colors / lights.